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About GIBC

Shared Ambition

Founded with the vision of accompanying Vietnamese businesses on the journey toward sustainable growth and integration into the global economy, GIBC brings together a diverse team of professionals and experts from various business and management backgrounds, including veteran leaders and senior managers from local and multinational firms and organizations, economic experts, accredited legal advisors, accomplished PR and communications specialists and professors from leading local and international universities.

GIBC aims to facilitate business growth for our customers and prepare them for global competition through strategy advisory and management consulting services, including: business restructuring insights, human resource consulting, risk management consulting, marketing, communication and CSR consulting, GIBC also serves as a center for executive education to develop leadership capabilities and management skills for senior managers.

Message from the chairman

Thông Điệp Chủ Tịch

“GIBC was established in the midst of Vietnam’s integration into the global economy and our management of short and long-term objectives is representative of the challenges and opportunities facing the broader Vietnamese business community. With our commitment to the mission of "sustaining partners' and customers' business excellence and growth”, we will make every effort to jointly create flourishing partnerships and affirm Vietnam's vital position in the world business map".


Pham Phu Ngoc Trai



Linking local businesses development the global economy.


Sustaining partners’ business growth via leading professional consultancy services in the new stage of global economic integration.

Core Values



We commit ourselves to bringing the highest values and mutual benefits to our stakeholders.


Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

We commit to always driving towards the sustainable growth and long-lasting prosperity of the enterprises, community and society.



We commit ourselves to always acting in a way that upholds ethical standards, truth, honesty, transparency and fairness – fundamental elements of a sustainable partnership.