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GIBC assists its partners/clients with strategic planning and corporate governance by providing an understanding of the business’s value among its competitors and the economy as a whole. Based on insights obtained from research and assessments of the enterprises' core elements, GIBC proposes solutions to help the firm strengthen its competitive advantages, limit weaknesses, and achieve the sustainable development goals.

GIBC’s services related to management consultancy include:

Strategic Business Development Consultancy

Examine Client’s Business Operation:

  • Overall SWOT analysis
  • In-depth examination of the factors affecting the industry, including; growth in the past 3 years, government policies, current demand, 5 year outlook, strategies of competitors, etc.
  • Evaluate business portfolio based on EFE (External Factor Evaluation), such as

market stability and growth to ensure sustainable development and profitability.



Examine Client’s Business Operation by Focuses on:

  • The Structure of Products and Services
  • Market and Customer
  • Sales and Marketing activities
  • Product Development Policies
  • Enterprises’ Competitiveness Analysis
  • SWOT analysis



Examine Business’s Financial AspectAnalyze financial statements in-depth


Marketing, sales and communication are the most important spearheads of companies in competing and dominating their markets. Depending on requirements and scope of the project, GIBC provides a diversified range of customized services for various types of businesses.

Services include:

  • Build, recruit, train, supervise and manage the marketing, sales and communications activities
  • Utilize KPI measurements and improve customer relationship management 
  • Coordinate between internal and external resources to ensure that the marketing and business development activities reach the highest efficiency.
  • Corporate Brand Consulting:
    • Analyze and assess the factors affecting the company’s corporate brand
    • Branding strategy
    • Enhancing the reputation of the leaders/CEO
    • Ensuring the alignment between communication activities and business goals
    • Domestic and international media promotion
Human Resource Consultancy



We provide re-structuring solutions & business insights to local enterprises and multinational corporations in order to help improve their business performance, define their organizations in the short- term and long- term, and achieve their strategic development goals.

Our advisory services take the client’s organizational structure, human resources, corporate culture and core values into account. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are offered for each employee in order to understand the development of each department and business segment, and encourage greater individual productivity and initiative.

  • Analysis of existing business structure, and its principles and elements
  • Organizational relationship / related department functions.
  • The basic characteristics of the existent organizational structure (the functions, the responsibilities, etc.)
  • Term of operation, the provisions of the existent management organizational structure (regulations, rules and statutes)


Short-term Restructuring:

Based on our assessment of the business’s potential, we will propose a solution to resolve internal problems and improve the efficiency of business management. 


Long-term Restructuring

After reviewing the business overall business strategy and agreeing with a business plan for long-term, GIBC will propose an appropriate organizational structure for development.

Action plan for organizational restructuring:

  • Propose new organizational principles and organizational models
  • Establish processes and solutions
  • Utilize HR measurements tools (KPIs) for employee evaluation
  • Bring the compensation system into conformity with the new structure

Risks can be frustrating and disastrous for leaders and businesses both in the short and long run. We do not always have the time, tools and sometimes the skill set to identify and assess and manage them from the start. A lack of risk management could cause immeasurable damage to businesses’ facilities, resources, reputation, brand value, and their ability to reconstruct their overall image.

Risks can come from many different sources:

  • Constantly changing business environment, including government’s policies on trading, the fluctuation of markets, technology innovations, and the shift in consumers’ consumption behaviors.
  • Negligence on financial, legal and operational management
  • The media and competitors
  • Internal human resources problem

GIBC will identify these risks and generate strategic solutions to cope with them:

  • Identify and understand the potential risks of the organization.
  • Prioritize problems that need immediate attention
  • Create the risk management team.
  • Follow the Principle of 3 C’s (Cash, Control and Communications)
  • Propose appropriate solutions

Depending on specific cases, we offer temporary management services.


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