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GIBC Capital provides expertise to its clients to achieve their financial objectives. We offer full spectrum treasury outsourcing solutions, transforming organizations through prudent risk management.

GIBC Capital has established its position as a leading provider of complete financial services and solutions across all industries and in the areas of:

At GIBC Capital we believe that any organization with market exposure, irrespective of its size, should have a framework that directs its risk management decision-making. We therefore recognize the need to apply a holistic approach to the management of financial market risk which adequately addresses issues, the business impact of relevant risk factors and the appropriate risk-mitigating strategies.

  • GIBC provides an independent service and will partner with you to pursue your risk management objectives.
  • We work with you to improve risk management strategy
  • We help to find competitive pricing of FX, rates and the best of banking products
  • We support client for efficient execution of risk management strategies
  • We are providing and market update and industry benchmark

The optimum management of borrowings and surplus funds is a critical treasury functions, therefore GIBC Capital aims to structure both borrowing and investments in the most optimal way in accordance with the client's liquidity requirements and treasury policy. The key requirements for effective cash management are as follows:

Cash flow forecast

A cash flow forecast; Continuous variance monitoring (actual vs. forecast) is provided to identify gaps while highlighting the impact inaccurate forecasting.

Investment policy

GIBC Capital assists in the development of an Investment policy, covering approved counterparties as well as appropriate investment limits per counterparty, approved instrument types and permissible portfolio duration.

Funding policy

GIBC Capital assists in the development of a funding policy ensuring adequate committed borrowing facilities as well as an appropriate balance between short- and long-term debt. Assisting in building relationship with banks and dealing with banks

GIBC Capital believes that the best business decision can only be made based on accurate and strictly “on- time” of the relevant financial data and not necessary the month end numbers. Therefore GIBC has an expert team to study and customize the set of financial report for management use that they can view the company’s performance at different angles/expects.  GIBC can assist clients in all 3 report types:

  • Project Report;
  • Ad-Hoc Report and analysis;
  • Regular Monthly/Annually and Strategic Report;

GIBC Capital's deal execution is client specific and is guided by each individual client's treasury policy, taking into account amongst other - bank counterparts, investment guidelines, borrowing facilities, etc. Obtaining competitive rates goes hand in hand with our clients' liquidity requirements and market conditions, with sensitivity to clients' strategic business objectives and existing client / bank relationships.

Deal execution covers

  • Foreign exchange
  • Debt and investment management
  • Market intelligence
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Professional execution
  • Improved returns on cash investments
  • Optimal structuring of borrowings
  • Management of counterparty credit risk
  • Assisting clients to review facility terms for fairness
  • System provides for decentralized as well as centralized client models

GIBC Capital offers treasury and risk consulting services on an ad-hoc basis which include:

  • Treasury operations review
  • Treasury Policy Framework development
  • Share scheme valuations
  • Hedge portfolio review
  • Transaction processing & Cash management : collections and disbursements
  • Policies and procedures
  • Internal controls and reporting metrics
  • Liquidity management
  • Working capital management
  • Treasury management


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